Fairy-tale of the fallen stars

Would you believe in a tale like this?
If you want find a fallen star you should not fear the shadows. Leave your home after midnight and keep in mind that you fogret laterns when you go to the light. Take a basket. Night meadow keep silence and cool, shining cold colors in the moonlight, and the wind whispering in herbs. You stand at the edge of the splendour. Leave of the shoes, go barefoot, don't stay on the on place and lose the path. Keep silence. Be carefull, I'm not kidding when tell you about danger. It may seems you the flute somewhere weeps, strange voices sound, fire burns in the distance. In place where you go there is a lot of dewdrops. It's terrible to fall from this height, stars cry, feeling itselves lost. Don't touch it if you want not burn your hands, only speak gently. Put the basket on the ground and star'll jump into it. Star keeper has brushes and paints at his home. In some nights the fallen stars will again shine at the sky.

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2011-06-15 в 23:02 

Начитаешься всякого, а потом живешь с этим... (с)
Such warm thing... ^^


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