Especially to say

Would you believe in a tale like this?
I'm in the Great Britain now, in Belfast. I've a little time to communicate and a little net-time, but too much work with "Citadel of Stars" club. I'm shaking up "Land of Shadows" at all and it's "Angband mode" particularly. It've change LARP and GMg materials, some of masters, some of maiar, nearly all complement of officers. Oh, if I come through alive all of it reconstruction, we'll see is that machine capable to work. Maybe there'll be some materials too.
Jay and Mornaran, if you're interesting in, at USA.

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2010-08-20 в 17:30 

Возвратиться… только стоит ли мечтать? Вы мертвы. Прощайте. (с)
Good Luck.

2010-08-23 в 22:12 

Would you believe in a tale like this?
Thank you.


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