Menellinnaro, our greatings

Would you believe in a tale like this?
In the name of my sister Caalee and myself, make yourself comfortable. And may I ask you, what was interesting in this diary-page?

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2010-05-27 в 22:32 

Смерть побеждающий вечный закон - это любовь моя//Бог не бросает Своих святых - по крайней мере, надолго!
Aiya! I was told about Caalee and your forum play on Arda subjects by Maennion. And I so wish to play with you and to talk about Arda...

My best greetings to your sister, and I hope she will be much better soon.

2010-05-27 в 22:50 

Would you believe in a tale like this?
Oh, it's better to ask Ernle about forum play. But I think my sister'll be glad to speak abot Arda with you.
Thank you.


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